From cookie-cutter communities to custom-built residences,
there’s one home for all electrical work.

We’ve seen the complete range of residential work at EMF Electric – and we’ve done it successfully time and time again. 

We’ve operated this way for over 20 years, bringing passion and pride to our work so everyone who works under the EMF Electric name is committed 100% to giving our customers their best. 


New Construction

From home additions to new home construction, our electricians are experts in the design and installation of entire electrical systems for the interior and exterior of your residential property. Our team of electrical contractors and electricians know which lighting and electrical systems will work in your new space. More importantly, we know the codes and permitting requirements that must be followed to complete the work you need.

Indoor Lighting & Wiring Installation & Upgrades

Ensuring your safety while improving your home’s electrical infrastructure, our electricians install switches, outlets, under-cabinet lighting, recessed lighting, ceiling fans, attic fans, electrical systems for entertainment centers, and so much more. Our skilled electricians and technicians are trained to work with any indoor wiring system.

Cloth covered electrical wiring used until the 1960’s and Pushmatic type fuse panels used until the 1980’s are outdated and dangerous systems. We will replace these obsolete systems with an updated system to provide increased safety and efficiency throughout your home.

Outdoor Lighting & Wiring Installation

Our team of electrical experts has the knowledge and expertise to design and install a variety of decorative outdoor accent and home security lighting systems to improve the aesthetics and safety of your home’s exterior. We also install deck and patio lighting, outdoor receptacles, security camera systems, programmable timers, photoelectric sensors and more so you and your guests won’t be left in the dark.

Panel Upgrades

If you have an older home and the circuit breakers are tripping, a panel upgrade may be necessary. This is a common occurrence with remodeling and appliance upgrades, it simply means that you are attempting to use more energy than is allowed for that specific circuit. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to upgrade your entire electrical service. Our electrical specialists will design and install a robust electrical system that includes new circuit breaker panels and overload correction that will allow you to enjoy more energy usage in your home.

Energy-Efficient Lighting Upgrades

Switching from the use of incandescent lighting to LED lighting is an easy way to save energy and improve the lighting in your home. LED is a highly energy-efficient lighting technology that uses 75% less energy, and lasts 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. With our ICC license we can help you get rebates when you switch to LED lighting.

Additional Electrical Outlets

Increasing the number of outlets in your home is another way to make your home more convenient for your family. Many times, older homes only have 1-2 outlets in each room, reducing your ability to effectively arrange furniture, lighting or electronics to work with your lifestyle. Our electrical technicians can install additional outlets throughout your home to meet your electrical needs.

Appliance Installation

Our team stands ready to improve your home’s comfort, energy efficiency and safety. Our highly qualified electricians can install the electrical equipment for any kitchen or laundry appliance, no matter how large or small the job. If it has a motor and needs a power source we can make that happen.




We are a premier electrical services company offering support to residential clients throughout the greater Chicagoland area.  Since opening our doors 20 years ago, we’ve never stopped striving to provide the innovative, timely and cost-effective solutions our clients have come to expect.

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